Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Looking for a Sign

VS#119 Totternhoe

I first looked at this puzzle cache when I first started caching so it's been on my to do list for a while. I recently met the CO at an event and whilst chatting was reminded of this cache so made a mental note to go for this one soon.

The Puzzle:
I parked up in a nearby street and took a short walk to the village green where the sign was. Up until now I had been wondering what was meant by the clue for 'C'. As I approached the sign, I smiled and thought 'aha, that makes sense now'. I sat down on said bench to review the clues in my notebook. After my conversation with IB Searching I made sure I took a good look at the sign. I'm guessing these village signs are all handmade and this one is beautifully done so I might add. I jotted down all the numbers, put the coords into my GPSr and headed off to find GZ...

The Cache:
The walk to GZ was a pleasant one if a little muddy after the awful rain we had yesterday. I didn't mind though as I had a spare pair of shoes in the car  On getting to the corner of the field it first appeared that there would be no way through, but a short search revealed a small gap in the trees and bushes. A little bit further on, I reached GZ and had the cache in hand. 'Yay! Coords right first time!' I did a little victory dance, signed the log and took the TB. I took a moment to appreciate the area then remembered I had some English Muffins in the car and I was starving so headed back home for lunch.

Wonderful village sign and a neat little cache. Have a favourite from me.